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    adamxiii: Takin’ it back Tuesday….to the time I made up my own words to @brunomars song “grenade”…I cherish this video because I know he will have a VERY long and successful career and one day my son will think i was cool at one point :) #brunomars #missyoudude #thankyou

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  • No Bruno and Jessica AREN'T engaged OR married, not YET anyway!
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    Bruno Mars - Marquee After Party on October 18th, 2014 (x) (x)

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    josephbaker360: Ran into Bruno Mars last night in Vegas. His security guard came after me after I took this pic, ha. #brunomars #vegas

  • The cake was for V-day... and I'm thinking they are def engaged because of her weird tweet where she was like teeheheehe I think it was her way of posting about it but not saying anything. He probably popped the question in the dr
    do any of you remember the tweet from Eric saying when they were in Vegas saying he was congratulating Bruno on another milestone in his life?Then the white cake with Bruno and Jessica on it? maybe they are allresdy married?

    pffff no I don’t think so

    Wasn’t that cake for some birthday? idk

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    andrwkyle: @brunomars @marqueelv with @jlo & Matt Damon 🎉 #marqueelv #saturdaze #dayclubdome #brunomars #jlo #mattdamon #clublife #nightlife #vegaslife

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    Bruno Mars in Vegas on October 17th, 2014 (x) #brunomars

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  • He said in an interview that he didn't want to get married? When?

    It was some phone call interview, and the website just typed down the answers on their website

    he got asked if he thinks about getting married soon

    and he answered “No!”


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    Cat_MarqueeLV: #Omg! @BrunoMars onstage with @AshWallbridge @MarqueeLV #epicnight

    baby Bruno font :O :’D

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    AshWallbridge: Best night at @MarqueeLV so far!  w/ @BrunoMars 

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  • We hooligans have nothing against bruno spending his money on his family, I am proud that he's a generous man for real but omg his family is just take take take it all, lol, especially his sisters and don't you find it weird that whenever bruno is performing in Vegas, the sisters come along with him and they are like day off, party time & Vegas style, please this is what you do at your normal days, it's not like you work ass out all week long, and they even bring their friends with them O_O

    lol^^ yeah I know^^

    I can understand that Bruno wants to help his family, but to a certain limit. He bought them a huge house in Hawaii, he probably pays the all bills for it but when this help stops? Since Lylas I did not see them to do anything, except from buying bikinis and photographing by different beaches. After some time helping becomes exploitation. They are all adults and they should figure out that is time for them to move their asses and do something in life alone and not always rely on him. Just sayin


    there's no reason for Jessica to be seething; she should have gotten the hint a LONG time ago especially when Bruno said in an interview that he wasn't trying to marry but she's so set on marrying him and changing his mind. IT WON'T HAPPEN! if that's in her goals she needs to move on. don't mean to be rude but that's just the truth